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Window cleaning

No ladders, no chemicals, no fuss, just 100% pure water for the perfect clean.

See-thru’s waterfed pole cleaning system allows us to access difficult areas without the use of ladders, providing the ultimate streak-free clean without any chemicals - just 100% pure water.

Benefits at-a-glance:

  • Reaches up to 40 feet
  • No ladders
  • No health and safety worries
  • No chemicals
  • Spotless and streak-free
  • Cleans frames too
  • UPVC-friendly
  • Increased privacy
  • Protects flowerbeds
Water fed pole system

The secret is in the water

Ingenious as the waterfed pole system is, the equipment alone will not clean windows to the standards we expect. Normally, window cleaning involves the use of detergents and tap water followed by skillful use of a blade to dry the glass. Tap water itself contains many impurities and minerals (take a look inside your kettle) and this is what causes streaks and smears on glass if it is just left to dry.

100% pure, deionised water will attract dirt and grime during the cleaning action and when rinsed will leave glass completely clean without streaks or smears and the clean will actually last longer.

Our specially converted vehicles carry 300 litres of water that’s purified by the onboard 4-stage treatment unit.

Applications at a glance:

  • Windows, frames and glazed architecture up to 40 feet from the ground
  • Conservatories - we can clean the whole conservatory including the roof and any windows above it with ease
  • Rooflights
  • Fascias and cladding
  • Signs and canopies
  • Health and safety

We know the importance of health and safety but for some organisations the idea of contractors using ladders on their premises is a health and safety nightmare they’d rather do without. With See-Thru’s waterfed pole system this worry is eliminated and a much better clean is achieved into the bargain.

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Conservatories cleaned properly with no fuss