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Floor-care Services

Wood floor Sanding

Wood floors can be a beautiful feature of your home. Often wooden floors are left with little or no maintenance, this can cause damage to the varnish and, even worse, to the actual timber itself. See-Thru technicians are trained in the latest methods of sanding and resealing floors. Our sanding machines are fitted with 98% dust free filtration system. Norfolks premier wood floor sanding company.

Stone floor cleaning and restoration

At See-Thru we clean and maintain many different types of stone flooring, from Marble to Limestone, Slate to Travertine, Norfolk Pamments to Quarry Tiles. We can restore even the most badly neglected floors and bring them back to life. The main damage to these types of floors is the use of wrong cleaning chemicals. We only use specialist floor products to restore, maintain and protect your floors.

Carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning

Regular cleaning can increase your carpets life by tenfold. Dry particulate and greasy soils can wreck any carpet. We use non-detergent solutions to clean carpets, as they stay cleaner for longer.

Vinyl cleaning & re-sealing

Vinyl floors have had resurgence lately with more and more people going for these types of floors. They come in many different styles and colours. This floor covering can be expensive so why not protect it with a high quality seal, or even re-colour it.

See examples in our ‘before and after’ gallery.